Research and Analytics
Kagiso Media Radio’s Research and Analytics division is home to a groundbreaking neuro research product that is changing the way local businesses advertise their products. NextGen Neuro helps brands formulate more effective radio and audio ads.

NextGen Neuro uses neuromarketing techniques to measure the physiological and neural signals of an audience to gain insights into why customers make certain buying decisions. Kagiso Media Radio is the first audio media owner in South Africa to use neuro insights in this way.

NextGen Neuro is powered by KMR’s SoundInsights research team. SoundInsights is a first-party radio listener data collection service that connects businesses and customers in real time.

Email Research and Analytics Manager, Melissa McNally, for more information:  

Audience Acquisition
Our Audience Acquisition Division specialises in Content Development, Commercial Content Strategy, and Data Management

We build and retain digital audiences for KwaZulu-Natal’s East Coast Radio and Gauteng-based Jacaranda FM. Both stations consistently feature in the top three radio websites in South Africa.

The Audience Acquisition Department also provides digital audience building services and B2B publishing and marketing.

Email Audience Acquisition Manager, Anthea Carstens, for more information:

Digital Development
Our Digital Development Division specialises in Digital Audio Tech Development.

Kagiso Media Radio’s Digital Development division encapsulates all listener and administrative needs, and stakeholder requirements, by noting the latest global industry trends.

The department strategically identifies areas to adjust for the local market to provide the best digital solutions for our audiences.

Email Digital Developer Manager, Phillip Wilton, for more information:

Audio On Demand / Podcasts
The Audio-On-Demand division drives the podcast content strategy at Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio.

 The team provides support, training, and strategic insight for catch up radio and bespoke podcast series. The team has produced award-winning podcasts that have been recognised both locally and internationally.

Email On Demand Content Head, Diane MacPherson, for more information: